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National Vegan Pizza Day in Austin – Sat. Jan 29th

An increasing number of pizzerias are starting to serve vegan pizza options.

And to celebrate this growing trend, the makers of Teese Vegan Cheese and popular food blogger Quarrygirl have declared a national Vegan Pizza Day on Sat., Jan. 29!

Austinites have quite a few options for finding a slice. Here is a listing of some places to find vegan pizza in Austin on Vegan Pizza Day.

One of my favorite places to get a vegan pizza isn’t mentioned though. My article about East Side Pies is here.

My article about East Side Pies can be found here.

Vegetarian Travel Class at REI – January 11th, 2010

I will be teaching a vegetarian travel class at REI (as part of my volunteer work with Hosteling International). The class will be at 7pm on January 11th, 2010.

Click on the link below to register:

A Pirate-themed Vegan Seafood Car in Austin? Let’s Help Make it Happen!

Lisa Ward is trying to open a pirate-themed vegan seafood cart in Austin and she started a kickstarter campaign to raise funds. Exciting!!

The idea of this cart makes me really happy and I definitely plan to pledge some money towards this project. I hope this post inspires some of you guys to become a backer too! Every small amount counts and there are some really cool rewards offered for larger pledges…like a wooden pirate sword with your name on it, a custom painting of your pet as a pirate, and a fully-catered Pirate Party for you and 29 other shipmates.

Seriously. This is cool. We want this in Austin!

Check out her Kickstarter campaign here:

Why I Love Austin Weather

Sunday it was 80 degrees. We spent all day working on our garden in the sun.

Today it snowed!!

Tour D’ Vegan Pictures

I’m totally lame. Didn’t get enough sleep Friday night, got discouraged by the gloomy weather, and didn’t make it to the Tour ‘D Vegan! Bummer.

But I found a few pictures of the event here. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

Hopefully they’ll do something similar again (hint, hint). Otherwise I’ll just have to go my own vegan bike tour.

Tour D’ Vegan

The Austin chapter of Organic Athlete is hosting the Tour D’Vegan this Saturday!

It’ll be a long, leisurely bike ride/vegan food tour with frequent stops at vegan-friendly eateries around town.

The weather looks like it’ll be great, so I definitely plan to be there. You should too.

Here’s a summary of the event:

And here’s a map of the route:

Also…in finding links for this event, I found a great site that lists other bike-related events in Austin.

Counter Culture Vegan Trailer

Hello everyone.  I’m settled back in Austin and ready to write about food again.

And to recover from my year-long hiatus from this blog, I’m going to write about Counter Culture, a vegan and raw food trailer that recently sprung up on North Loop!

Miguel and I had talked about starting a vegan trailer on that street, but I ended up leaving town for a year instead. I guess it turned out to be a good idea afterall.  And based on the reviews the place has been getting, it seems to be pretty popular with the folks in the area.

The cool thing about Counter Culture is that it has drawn a steady crowd of regulars who aren’t even vegan at all. Many of them may not have rushed over to try it had there been other options nearby. But since there’s practically nowhere else to eat a quick lunch in the area (especially food that’s healthy), the vegan cart has gotten quite a bit of attention from carnivores. AND since it’s just yummy food, these people (vegan or non vegan) continue to come back. I think that’s exciting! To all those people who had their doubts whether or not a vegan cart could be successful in Austin, this is encouraging news that it can.

Anyway, I was super excited to try the place, so Miguel and I headed over to have a picnic lunch. We each ordered a different sandwich so we could try two different ones.

I ordered the Jackfruit BBQ.

Miguel got the Philly Seitan

Not sure why Miguel has a weird expression on his face in this photo, because we both really liked the food.

Luckily I work right down the street from this place, so I’m sure I’ll get a chance to try everything on the menu soon. My coworkers walk down to Counter Culture pretty regularly and they can all vouch for the trailer’s cleanliness, Sue’s friendliness, and the food’s deliciousness. Unfortunately it’s only open Thursday – Sunday…and those last few days in the work week are usually when I end up bringing my lunch. Hopefully she’ll extend her hours sometime in the near future.

But basically…I’m pretty thrilled to see a vegan food trailer in my neighborhood. And if nonvegans are flocking to this place (and pleased with their experience), they’ll probably be more apt to try other vegan food as well.

I forsee a gradual (but exciting) transformation within the greater Austin community. There’s no doubt that places like Counter Culture are helping to make the general Austin population more vegan/vegetarian friendly.