About Our Site(s):

Team Feed Everyone began in 2007 as a collaboration between Cristen and Miguel called tomorrowaustin.wordpress.com. We used this blog to document our vegan food experiments, discuss our vegan catering endeavors, and write about the vegan scene in Austin, Texas. This site has been horribly neglected these past few years, but we are now in the process of revamping it to include more recipes, resources, and up-to-date info about vegan cooking.

Teamfeedeveryone.wordpress.com is the quirky site that we used to advertise our monthly vegan potlucks in Austin (which we haven’t had nearly as often lately, but are hoping to bring back soon). This site also has lots of helpful links about vegan cooking. Everyone is welcome, so check out our Team Feed Everyone blog and sign up for potluck alerts!


About Us:


Hi, We’re Cristen and Miguel and we live in Austin, Texas. We think the most effective way to inspire people to adopt a meat and dairy free diet is through our cooking. We both love introducing people to new foods they have never tried before, and as a result, proving that a plant-based diet can be full of flavor and variety. We are constantly learning new things, experimenting with new ideas, and we take pride in sharing our creations with those around us. We intend to use this blog as a platform for sharing our food knowledge with others.

You can learn more about Cristen on her personal site or her  vegan travel site.

You can learn more about Miguel on his personal site.

8 responses to “About

  1. This site is great guys! I love all the links, and I’ve just started. Thank you for doing this!

  2. Cristen! Just wanted to say “Hi!” and I enjoy your blog, and also hearing the stories about vegan meals you create from Kasia. I am definitely curious, and y’all’s garden makes me happy. I had baby tomatos and a jalapeno from it today at lunch 🙂

  3. Hi! My friend referred me to your website and I am amazed- especially at the quantity of food you make. I am a mother of six and although we are not vegans, I would like to try and convert-I’m used to shopping at Costco and markets for fruits and vegeetables, and we’re not big meat eaters,but I am also scared of Whole Foods prices.I know they would have most of the ingredients. How do I cook vegan economically and how can I double? triple? your recipes for my family ? In your hands- heidi

  4. Hi Heidi. Nice to meet you!

    It’s actually pretty easy to make vegan food in bulk–especially when making dishes that won’t go back quickly. For example, chili and curry dishes are actually better the next day after the flavors have settled in. Sometimes I make a large pot of something and eat it throughout the week, modifying it a little bit each time so I don’t get bored.

    Every Sunday we make a lot of food for our friends. On these days we like to call ourselves “team feed everyone.” I haven’t been keeping up too well with posts about my Sunday dinners, but each week we make a large amount of vegan food for about 10-20 people. We have a couple huge pots and if we use a recipe, we triple or sometimes quadruple it. Chopping vegetables and prepping key ingredients ahead of time helps a lot.

    To save money, I buy large containers of things I use often (except for spices which tend to go bad quickly). I also buy dried beans and lentils rather than canned. A slow cooker comes in handy when you want to throw all the ingredients together in the morning, leave for 4 or 5 hours, then return to a large fresh pot of stew. Homemade veggie burgers or veggie loaves are made with cheap ingredients and can be frozen for later use.

    Unless you buy tons of immitation meats, splurge with a lot of fancy ingredients, or stock up on pre-packaged microwave vegan meals, being vegan is pretty inexpensive.

    You can also try some of these vegetarian bulk items.

  5. Great site. I will pass it on to my friends and family.

  6. vegan migas=awesome.

  7. That looks great, I will cook that as soon as I have a kitchen.

  8. Hi, this is directed to Cristen! This has nothing to do with vegan or food. I was over perusing at Flickr and ran across your pics about Uncertain!!A lot of them are for lack of a better term are awesome! and as i see you are quite the photographer unless i’m mistaken and someone else is taking the pictures? Anyway, the point being that i make slideshows from pictures and would like to do a piece with a choice of music using your pics if it’s ok? If you want i can send you to youtube where i have most of my “work”
    Thanks in advance

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