Somnio’s Cafe

I absolutely recommend Somnio’s Cafe in South Austin.
Locally grown organic food. Cute, cozy house with a nice ambiance. BYOB. Generous portions for a good price. You really can’t go wrong with this place. It’s a perfect place to bring a few friends, a bottle of wine or a few good beers, and a big appetite.


Somnio’s Cafe has a large selection of vegan/vegetarian options, but they also offer meat options as well (making it a great choice if you’re eating with carnivorous friends, family members, or coworkers who can’t handle a single meal without meat). Vegan and vegetarian dishes are clearly marked and many of the veggie dishes can be prepared vegan if requested.

I highly recommend the Nynavae’s Tacos with panko crusted mushroom fritters. Very very good. I’m also a fan of the Sissy salad with apples, avocados, jalapeños and pecans. Yum!


Somnio’s Cafe also always have some nice vegan specials, like giant bowls of vegetable curry. These heart-shaped quinoa cakes were part of their Valentine’s Day special.


I tried their Sunday brunch once and I don’t think their tofu scramble is as good as the tofu scramble at Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse…but their breakfast bowl was still very tasty. I’ll definitely go back though when I’m in the mood for pancakes and fresh brewed fair trade coffee.

One response to “Somnio’s Cafe

  1. those quinoa cakes are adorable! it all looks good.

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