Help Save Furrytale Farm Animal Rescue in Austin!

I friend told me about this story he read on the news. It’s a sad story and I’m hoping this farm rescue operation can raise the money it needs to keep it’s property. We both donated some money and now I’m posting it on this blog in hopes that others will do the same!

Details Below:

The Furrytale Farm in Seattle, WA, rescues abused and neglected domestic and farm animals and gives them a place to stay until adopted, or to spend their final days in comfort. They’re in danger of losing everything due to foreclosure and have until Oct 22 to come up with the funds or vacate. In an awful twist of irony the prospective new owners want to make it a hog farm for pork products.

Now in its twelfth year of operation, The Furrytale Farm is a no-kill multi-species rescue facility that provides its residents with sound nutrition, complete medical care, and a comprehensive rehabilitation program, and its visitors with a new and different concept of compassion and acceptance. If their property gets foreclosed on, these folks and, more importantly, these animals will be homeless. Please help this amazing animal shelter by donating something, anything, today!

Their donation campaign is here:

Their web site is here:

2 responses to “Help Save Furrytale Farm Animal Rescue in Austin!

  1. Do you have a follow-up on this one?

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