Two Austin Veggie Events for Friday, October 15th

For those of you in Austin, here are two vegetarian food events that will take place this Friday, October 15th. I won’t be able to make it out, but thought some of you might be interested.

Details below:

Beets Living Food Café – First Anniversary and Expansion Celebration

Friday October 15, 2010 @ 6:00pm

This golden nugget is fast becoming the place to be and be seen. The Food Network is featuring Beets Cafe in December, and we are happy to celebrate them now, before you can’t get a table! One year after opening their doors, Beets’ delicious food is gaining famed finger-licking notoriety; but the ambience, is splendid and now expanding! Beet’s is taking their sleek, light and contemporary venue and expanding it next store. So now there is more seating and rooms for parties. Join us as we christin the new space, with free food, wine and live music. This is a party not to miss.

Meet and get samples of:
Zhi Tea
Austintatious Deals
Dragon Fly Wellness Center
Distinct Details

Live Music By:
Tammy Kantor
Katie Gray
The Kate Priestley Band

Door Prizes:

Beets Living Food Cafe

1611 W 5th St. Suite 165

Austin, TX


Best-selling author Terry Walters, whose bestselling first book CLEAN FOOD fueled a nationwide “clean” movement, is coming to teach Austinites how simple and uncomplicated it is to eat cleaner and add more whole foods to their lives. Her new book CLEAN START (Sterling Epicure, November 2010) is an all-you’ll-ever-need guide for a healthy and sustainable approach to eating and living well.

Terry believes that “clean food” is whole, minimally processed and close to the source for maximum nutrition. CLEAN START features easy guidelines and recipes for getting the most nutritional value and taste, while minimizing waste. Terry’s tips are so simple (Eat foods that are grown not manufactured. Eat all 5 tastes. Know the source of your food.), anyone can follow her advice and reap these potential benefits.

For you:

  • Increased energy and vitality with a strengthened immune system
  • Better absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • Healthy weight control

For the environment:

  • Less packaging, waste and contamination
  • Improved local environment and economy
  • Increase in local jobs

I know that Austin loves its whole foods, and thought you might be interested in an interview with Terry to discuss her new recipe collection (including fall recipes – Green Fries, Medley of Pestos, Pinto Beans with Stewed Tomatoes and Spinach)when Terry’s in town on Friday, October 15th.

I realize the date is coming up fast and look forward to hearing what you think!



Sumika Bajaj

YC Media


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