Gathering of the Tribes Vegan Potluck this Saturday!

Hey fellow vegans and veggies.

Come to the Gathering of the Tribes potluck this Saturday!

This is the first all the vegetarian organizations and establishments in Austin have joined together for a big event.

The potluck will take place at Peace Park this Saturday, 10/2 @ 5pm.

From Brendan, the organizer: “For the first time ever, there’ll be one big event to bring together all the groups, organizations and members of Austin’s vegan, vegetarian, and animal-advocacy community. At Pease Park on Saturday October 2nd we’re having a huge vegan mega-potluck to celebrate the huge year that 2010 has been so far for our community. Our activities and activism, our great food and fun-loving groups have gotten Austin national recognition. Come join in with all your veggie friends! Anyone at all can attend, so please bring friends, especially veg-curious ones! Bring a vegan dish to feed at least 8 people (obviously not everyone will get to taste every little thing at such a huge potluck!), plus your beverages and eating utensils/plates. The other major Austin groups will all be there- Vegetarian Network of Austin, Austin Progressive Vegetarians, Vegan Drinks Austin and Action for Animals Austin. Plus we’re hoping to get as many of our local vegan business owners, restaurateurs, bloggers and “celebrities” to attend as possible.” You can RSVP here: Hope to see you there!

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