Dhaba Joy

Dhaba Joy is a vegan bakery located next to 29th and Guadalupe, next to Toy Joy and across the street from Vulcan Video.

The only thing not vegan about Dhaba Joy is that coffee drinks can be made with organic dairy milk instead of soy milk. Everything else about it though is 100% vegan. All the baked goods are vegan, all the sandwiches are vegan, they have a huge case full of delicious vegan creations, and their menu seems to grow and change each time I go in there.

Their coffee is dark and strong – just as I like it.

(Don’t get too excited about ordering this skull face coffee though – I’m pretty sure it’s not a typical creation. One of the guys working at Dhaba Joy made it for his friend and I asked to take a picture of it.)

Their juices are also amazing. You can watch as they make them from fresh ingredients right in front of you. My favorite is the “Luck Now”, made with carrot, celery, ginger, and cayenne. Their ginger lemonade is also a good choice.

This is a great place to take non vegans just to show them how flavorful and delicious vegan food can be. Occassionally I feel like they overcompensate by making things extra super duper sweet, but I think I’m probably alone in this opinion. Most people like their deserts to be sweet, right? I guess I’m just not a huge fan of sweets. I think I’m also one of the few people in the world who don’t really like ice cream all that much….which is probably why I love their oatscreme swirl (their vegan ice cream that tastes more like blended, frozen oatmeal than ice cream).

Dhaba joy seems to be growing! When they started, they had some vegan and some non vegan items. Now they only serve vegan items.

Next they added vegan sandwiches to the menu (like Tempeh Reuben, Chicken Salad, and some others).

Then they added vegan quiches (like Tofu Spinach or Tempeh Cheddar). They were so yummy looking, I had to try both. I was right – they were good. 🙂

They also starting serving sushi, soups, salads, vegan mac and cheese, and a few other things. I think their slow, steady growth is a good approach and one that will prove to be successful for them.

Now they even make large vegan cakes that can be ordered for parties (which I learned during my birthday). Being the spoiled birthday girl that I am, I got the pleasure of getting to try both of their cheesecakes. They were delicious, but I think I’m partial to the lemon one (the raspberry one was a tad bit too sweet).

My coworkers bought me the vegan raspberry cheesecake:

My mom bought me the vegan lemon cheesecake:

Oh, did I mention that Dhaba Joy is next to the best toy store in Austin?

Toys and vegan goodies! Seriously, how can you go wrong with that?

3 responses to “Dhaba Joy

  1. dhaba joy is an awesome place — i actually discovered them on VegAustin.com a few months back — along with a ton of other places offering vegan food in austin!!!

  2. Did you get oatscreme from Dhaba Joy recently? The last time I went and ordered it, I was told oatscreme went out of business.

  3. how is vegan cheese cake different in tasting then regular cheese cake?

    I was never a fan of regular cheese cake (because fo the heaviness) but vegan might be worth a try.

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