Titaya’s Thai Cusine

I really love Titaya’s Thai Cuisine. The restaurant is clean and comfortable, they have a great lunch special ($6.50, M-F from 11:00am to 3:00pm), and food portions are large and delicious. Another thing I like about this place is that when you order something extra spicy, they take you seriously and add lots of spice rather than assuming you don’t really mean it.

You can substitute tofu for every meal item and there’s a small notice at the bottom of the menu saying that all vegetarian and tofu dishes are automatically prepared vegan. I haven’t grilled the waitstaff about their definition of vegan – I’ve always just assumed (and hoped) that it is the same as mine. Next time I go, I should ask. The lunch special usually comes with a chicken coconut soup, but if you order a vegetarian dish they usually know to bring you a salad with peanut sauce instead. If they don’t mention the salad option though, remember to ask for it – as they may forget and try to serve you the chicken soup.

There are sooo many options here for vegetarians and vegans. I’ve had the Gang Dang, Gang Musmun, Green Curry, Pad Cashew, Pad Ginger, and several others. I wish I had a photo of all these dishes, but I’m usually so excited to eat there that my camera is an afterthought.

Here are a few things I’ve ordered and remembered to photograph:

Jungle Curry

Spaghetti Kee Mao

Pad Kee Mao (with added Broccoli)

The waitresses at Titaya’s Thai Cuisine also make me happy. They’re really nice and helpful. If you’ve been there more than twice, they usually remember your face and greet you with a big smile. If you’re having trouble ordering, they’ll make suggestions for you based on your preferences and they’ll tell you honestly if they think a particular dish will taste weird with something added (I tried to add basil once to something and the waitress said she thought it was a bad idea. I appreciated that she didn’t just let me order it and end up disappointed).

I go there pretty often with my grandparents. We always get spring rolls as an appetizer.

Titaya’s recently opened and I’ve noticed that it’s been getting increasingly crowded during the weekdays. I’m glad that people are spreading the word about this great Thai place.

This place makes me giddy and excited that I’ll be going to Thailand soon and I’ll get to eat Thai food every day for a month!

3 responses to “Titaya’s Thai Cusine

  1. I’m so hungry!! That Jungle Curry looks AMAZING! I want to sip that broth right NOW!

  2. I so agree! I love Titaya’s yellow curry with potatoes and sweet yellow onions ❤

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