Taqueria La Canaria

Taqueria la Canaria is a little taco stand on Airport and 51st street. I used to pass it every day to go to work. One day I decided to stop and check it out.

Although it is a very meat heavy place, their beans are vegetarian (no lard, no meat stock) and both the beans and potatoes are cooked with vegetable oil. Since they cook their food in a small cart, I imagine that the vegetables do touch surfaces where meat has been, but I didn’t watch them make my tacos so I can’t say for sure. If this is not ok with you, I’d probably avoid this place…but I don’t usually worry about that sort of thing.

I’ve ordered tacos from this stand twice so far and both times service has been very very slow! If you’re not in a huge hurry, and if you’re in the area (I probably wouldn’t go far out of my way to eat here), the tacos are good, filling, and relatively cheap. But, if you’re nearby and need a taco, it’s a good option – especially since the popular Tamale House nearby uses lard in their beans.

The only vegan option is as follows: beans, potatoes, cilantro, and onion on corn tortillas. Their green salsa is yummy. And their tortillas are homemade!

*In search for Taqueria La Canaria online, I came across this site: Taco Journalism

Not at all vegan, but perhaps I can do a similar taco journalism thing vegan style?

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