My Kitty Needs a Temporary Home!

Hey all. While I’m on the topic of cats, my kitty needs a temporary home! If any of you know of a good person for the job, please please let me know!

Here are the details:

I am leaving the country at the end of September and will be traveling around the world for exactly 1 year. You can view my route here:
I’m desperately seeking a kind, trustworthy person to be a foster parent for my kitty, Pandora.

I’ve had Dora for over 6 years. She’s very affectionate, talkative, quirky, and amusing. Her interests include cuddling on laps, chasing bugs, stealing soybeans off my plate, lounging around like a drunk old man, and sleeping in the strangest positions for as many hours as possible. Pandora absolutely loves people but unfortunately cannot tolerate other animals. She’s a really easy cat to take care of – she just requires food, water, love, and a stable living situation without other pets.

If you’ll be in Austin for the next year, you like cats (but don’t currently have any), and would like a free furry friend for a year, I would love to hear from you!
I’ll of course give you money for all her living expenses and bring you cool gifts from my travels.

Please Contact Me:
Cristen: 512-731-8544

2 responses to “My Kitty Needs a Temporary Home!

  1. Man, do I wish she would get along with other cats!! Karis has recently been thinking of adopting a cat..maybe she could do a foster deal like this first…Her main worry and why she hasn’t gotten a cat yet is that she is really busy in Nursing school. But Dora is awfully independent, isn’t she?
    Karis’ /our families cat died after 10 + years ago and this cat, Samantha was similar to Dora in several ways.
    Would you like me to talk to Karis? Those gifts from other countries are a pretty dang big incentive, lady!
    I will include a special poem about Dora to help people get to know her a little better:

    Poem for Dora (circa 2006)

    A fat cat sits on a phone,
    phone is lost.
    oh cat.

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