Kitten Rescue Update

I while back, I wrote a blog post about some terribly injured kittens that I found and was taking care of. Since then, I’ve been getting lots of emails from people wondering how they’re doing. I realized it’s been a year since I’ve written about these little guys, so it’s definitely time for an update.

Fidel (aka Snake Plissken) escaped from Miguel’s screen porch the first day we brought him home. He was missing for about a week until we found out he had found his own wonderful home with Miguel’s neighbor Bonnie (who is now our good friend). His eyeball has healed almost completely and he’s super happy in his new home.

Captain Ron was adopted by our friend Ada. She’s extremely energetic, playful and unpredictable. When we found Captain Ron, she barely had the energy to lift up her head. Now she enjoys jumping all over the furniture, climbing up Ada’s blinds, and playing with whatever she can get her paws on (in the picture above, she’s stealing my camera cord as I’m trying to take a picture of her).

If you’re interested, here are previous posts I’ve written about these kittens:




One response to “Kitten Rescue Update

  1. Hi!
    I came across your blog through the before picture of C. Ron. I had to go through your blog to see if there was any positive news from all of this and was happy to find the happy news. I am happy you were there to give these kittens the help they needed.

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