My Trip is Booked!

My trip is finally booked!

Here is my itinerary. If anyone knows people in these places or has recommendations of things to do, I’d love to hear from you. I plan to blog about my search for vegan food while on the road. Advice is welcome.

Oct 1: Los Angeles, US – Auckland, New Zealand

Oct 29: Auckland, New Zealand – Perth, Australia

Nov 26: Perth, Australia – Osaka, Japan

Dec 20: Osaka, Japan – Beijing, China

Jan 13: Kunming, China – Bangkok, Thailand

Feb 24: Bangkok, Thailand – Penang, Malaysia

March 20: Penang, Malysia – Madras, India

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April 18: Bombay, India – Istanbul, Turkey

April 28: Istanbul, Turkey – Damascus, Syria

May 22: Aleppo, Syria – Cairo, Egypt

June 19: Cairo, Egypt – Athens, Greece

July 17: Athens, Greece – Zagreb, Croatia

August 10: Zagreb, Croatia – Copenhagen, Denmark

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September 8: Copenhagen, Denmark – London, England

September 30: London, England – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2 responses to “My Trip is Booked!

  1. In Los Angeles you might like Pure Luck, its a vegan place with lots of Mexican options including tacos made of jackfruit. They taste better than they sound! Plus they have some good beers on tap and I think you’ll like the vibe. Have a good trip!

    The Pure Luck
    707 N. Heliotrope Drive
    Los Angeles 90029

  2. I think that vegetarian restaurant in Athens I told you about closed. 😦

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