Sorry I haven’t written for a while. Things have been crazy busy around here.

I just found this vegetarian podcast called VegCast ( I’ve been listening to it at work and I like it a lot. Each show follows a similar structure:

1.) Vegcast theme song and show preview (sometimes with a cheesy radio DJ/sports announcer voice)

2.) Brief overview of news and/or background story for show topic

3.) Interview with a vegetarian/animal rights advocate (such as Carol Adams, Dr. John McDougall, cookbook authors, etc.)

4.) Interesting musical selections (from bands with at least one vegetarian member)

5.) Science facts

6.) VegCast theme song

Unfortunately I kinda think this show is a little bit like preaching to the choir, as most of the listeners are probably already vegetarians. I wish that wasn’t the case because there is a lot of good information in each show and I think anyone who likes interviews and podcasts will enjoy it.

Today I listened to VegCast43 – an interview with Rory Freedman, author of the bestselling book Skinny Bitch.

Listen to a VegCast podcast and see if you like it!

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