Beets are beautiful. I especially like them when simmered in orange juice and ginger….but I also like them baked, canned, pickled, or pretty much any way.

Shredding beets is fun too. Beets make me feel like a messy little kid who doesn’t care if the fingerpaint dies her hands for days and leaves a dark red stain on everything else she touches. It’s fun to be messy sometimes.

Don’t toss the beet leaves – you can eat those too. With a dark red vein that runs through the middle of each leaf, beet greens look a lot like rainbow chard. You can cook them similarly as well. Here are some quick and easy instructions for cooking beet greens.

One response to “Beets!

  1. Mmm… beats. My mom pickles them in the fall, and I’m just so darned addicted to them! I can’t stop once I start. They’re such a magical food.

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