My little sprouts are all grown up! This was my first successful sprouting experience.

I tried once before using a jar and cheesecloth, but I had trouble with it. It might have been because the seeds were old, but I’m not sure.  I got this seed sprouter for Christmas and so far I’ve had great results. The only thing is, I’m almost positive it was $7.95 when I first found it online. Now that I’m posting this, I see that it’s $39.95.  Seems like a very big price jump – not sure why.

Anyway, I think sprouting is great fun and I plan to get lots of use out of my sprouter. I put it on my windowsill by my bed and every morning when I wake up I get to look at the little sprouts, give them some water, and admire their growth. I want to try all different kinds of sprouts. I think next time I want to grow sunflower sprouts. I tried those once at the farmer’s market and they were delicious.

Here are three links about sprouting that I found to be useful:

  1. Living-Foods.com has a pretty helpful sprouting guide, with explanations for various methods of growing sprouts.
  2. Sprout People is a very comprehensive site that provides sprout growing information and sells all kinds of sprouts from mung bean to fenugreek to leek. I think I might buy some seeds from them. They provide information for growing hemp sprouts, but they don’t sell them because selling a live hemp seed is illegal in the U.S. This is what they say about hemp seeds: We  don’t sell Hemp because it is still not legal to even have (much less sell) a seed of the genus Canibus which we can germinate, in the U.S. ABSURD! Hemp is a plant that could replace fossil fuel to power our vehicles (bio-diesel) and make plastic – AND it enriches the soil (unlike corn (think ethanol)) which depletes soil. Hemp is easy to grow organically and so would be a great crop that would reduce agricultural poisons and – in a far more perfect world – could begin to bring back family farms! This is a great seed and we’re happy to offer some information and we will sell it – if we are ever allowed too!
  3. Some of the pictures on Sprouting.org are pretty blurry, but they give a good idea of what different types of sprouts look like.

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