Vegan Banana Bread Bunt Cake

I made banana bread the other day using a recipe from The Post Punk Kitchen.

I doubled the recipe, used 2 more bananas, 1 cup more of soy milk, and added chopped up pecans and walnuts. I didn’t use vanilla because I didn’t have any. I tried to use almond extract, but I spilled it all over the floor instead. Oh well – at least the kitchen smelled nice while I was cooking. I was a little worried because the recipe said to “pour batter into the pan.” My mixture wasn’t at all pourable. I scooped mine into the pan thinking it might turn out too dense and hard, but to my surprise, it was actually very moist and fluffy. I highly recommend this recipe. I gave the cake to my friend Sammy for his birthday.

One response to “Vegan Banana Bread Bunt Cake

  1. You kill me! I love the Mario … oh yes, and the cake looks yummy too!

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