Vegan Camping = Coffee and Hobo Pies

Hobo Pies are my favorite camping creations.

Everyone should make hobo pies all the time. They are so easy and so versatile. You can put absolutely anything in them. Leftover pasta or vegan chili? Hobo pie. Pieces of basil and melty vegan cheese? Hobo pie. steamed vegetables and curry sauce? hobo pie. Butternut squash and cinnamon? Hobo Pie.

The possible combinations are endless. You can use any type of bread, but english muffins and tortillas work well because they are more or less the same size as the pie iron.

For these particular pies, we used mashed potatoes, refried beans, tvp chili, tomatoes, cilantro, onions, and corn tortillas.

Coat each side of the pie iron with vegetable oil or vegan margarine and slop whatever ingredients you have in between two tortillas. You may need to slice the end off one tortilla to create a flat edge where the hinge is.

Close the pie iron and heat each side over a flame for a few minutes. Check it periodically. When each side is browned, cut the burnt edges off with a knife, wack each side, and flip it onto a plate.

Viola! The tortillas singe together to form a warm, crispy pocket of goodness. It seriously takes about 5 minutes.

As for coffee…for some reason, camping coffee always tastes better than regular coffee. I wouldn’t recommend our method of making coffee, but this is how we ended up doing it:

  • Boil coffee grinds in pot of water over grill
  • Cut the bottom off a plastic water bottle, and attach coffee filter to bottle with rubber-band
  • Balance water bottle on handle of cooler
  • Pour coffee slowly through water bottle into cup. Hope it doesn’t fall over before the process is finished.

Who cares if it took an hour to make? It was the best cup of coffee ever.

12 responses to “Vegan Camping = Coffee and Hobo Pies

  1. “Everyone should make hobo pies all the time.” That’s a pretty strong comment little lady, do you have anything to back it up? Today I made a very delicious Greek style salad..taking pictures of food is fun, isn’t it?! 🙂

  2. I just read the story about camp coffee and I laughed. A lot.

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  4. I need to get a hobo pie maker!! thats a great idea

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  6. I’m now on the hunt for my hobo pie maker…. Such an awesome idea! Love the name! There should be a hobo pie restaurant and all hobos should be entitled to free hobo pies… All non-hobos must pay.
    In all seriousness I’ve been looking for an alternative to pastry (so much oil) for my vegan pies… Now I have the perfect alternative 🙂

  7. found a pie iron at wall mart for ten dollars!

  8. So what if I wanna make hobo pies but I can’t do it over an open flame? Would a grill work?

  9. libranmoonlover

    I agree about camp coffee being way better than at home. Try this insulated french press and you might just reach nirvana. It keeps the coffee hot for hours. If you’re an early riser, like me, you can make some and then keep some warm for the rest of group who like to sleep in. 😉

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