Austinist’s Vegan Survival Guide…Huh.

Austinist just wrote a lame article about being vegan in Austin. After a month of research, they came up with some boring food choices from some very non-vegan friendly restaurants. Dhaba Joy (mostly vegan), Casa de Luz (the only completely vegan place in Austin), Davine Foods, Mr Natural, and Bouldin Creek (all vegetarian with many vegan options), aren’t even mentioned! Wow. If I tried to live off Austinist’s “Vegan Survival Guide,” I probably wouldn’t survive very long. They could have done much much better, but somehow I’m not surprised.

Anyway, after reading Austinist’s weird article, everyone should scroll down through the comments. You’ll see an anonymous link to my Potluck Blog, followed by someone calling us the “potluck nazis,” followed by someone who took offense and called the person an “overweight slob,” followed by someone apparently very upset that we would ask our guests to bring their own silverware. I find this whole thing funny. Silly silly Austinites.

2 responses to “Austinist’s Vegan Survival Guide…Huh.

  1. The article didn’t even mention that online guide: — I think it’s one of the easiest ways to find veg food

  2. Is it a compliment to be a “potluck nazi?” Wat says the longer an argument continues people are bound to call someone a nazi.

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