Austin Wildlife Rescue

I found an injured bird in my driveway this morning and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Then I found this place. It’s a volunteer, non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center on east MLK. The volunteer I spoke with was really nice, she took my bird and said they’ll try to fix it up. I can call back tomorrow to find out how it’s doing.

I was very impressed with this place. They seemed very busy. Three other people were there with injured birds and they were helping everyone out for free. If you feel like donating money to an organization, I recommend this place. If you feel like volunteering somewhere, you can take their wildlife rehabilitation class to become an animal rehabilitator.

2 responses to “Austin Wildlife Rescue

  1. That bird was so cute and sad! I couldn’t believe it’s little mohawk and little noises…they were the best! Keep us readers updated if you can!!

  2. Also, I think this is the place I used to volunteer for, if so, they’re all really sweet.

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