Round the World Ticket!

This post is unrelated to food, restaurant plans, gardens, or Austin. It is actually a post strictly dedicated to bragging.

I submitted a funny sign to Lonely Planet’s signspotting contest almost a year ago. Then I completely forgot about it. Last week, I got a phone call saying that I’m the grand prize winner! In addition to having my photo published in the next Signspotting book, i won a round the world ticket! How amazing is that? I’ve been wanting to travel so bad lately…and if I was to choose any prize, that would be my choice. People win cars, gift certificates, beach towels, DVDs, and things like that. But the ability to consecutively visit a bunch of random, faraway places for an indefinite amount of time…wow. That is amazing! It is really the best prize ever!

You can view the winner announcement here:

And you can view a bigger version of my picture here.

Here are the ticket details mentioned on the Signspotting Web site:

The grand prize winner gets a Round-The-World ticket on the Star Alliance. That’ll get you around the planet in economy class, with 700 airports and 15 airlines to choose from. You get 29,000 miles. You can make as few as 3 stops and as many as 15 (within the permitted mileage) during your trip. You can change the dates of most of your flights at any time, except your first international or intercontinental journey. For a small fee, you can change destinations while en route as well. The ticket goes to the photographer of the winning photo. It is not redeemable or transferable and must be used within a year of winning it.

Where should I go? Suggestions are welcome! I’m thinking of writing some kind of vegan friendly /eco friendly tour guide, so if anyone knows of helpful resources, please let me know. Also, if anyone has any friends in other countries who wouldn’t mind me popping in to say hello, please send their contact information my way.

4 responses to “Round the World Ticket!

  1. Stephen Carroll

    Hey, there’s this tropical island you should visit. There are tales that this island plays host to small creatures of the forest, with colourful hats and funny accents. This island is also famed for the greenness of it’s greens, with the rich rainfall adding lushness and greenness to the already greeny greens. If you visit this exotic location, I could help in locating a suitable tour guide to help you traverse across the wild countryside and negotiate around the tricky translations. No idea how it’s vegan food is, but they have heard of it. It’s generally used as partly a term of abuse or a proof, if you needed it, that that person is a little wacky. I could arrange for accomodation too.

  2. I wouldn’t know where to tell you to begin. You are the luckiest person ever!

  3. Hey Cristen – its Nancy from Organic Style in Asbury Park, NJ. Hope you enjoyed your time here on the east coast. Here is the site with the animal tours.
    They have everything from seeing the seals in Nova Scotia to sitting with gorillas in Africa. It might give you some good ideas. Oh and I love how you cared for the kittens. Capt Ron is so sweet !

  4. This is the coolest news I’ve heard in a long time! Congrats Miss!!!!

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