Thanks Everyone–Captain Ron is Better!

Thanks to my friends, family, coworkers, boyfriend, Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary, Hill Country Animal Hospital, Hyde Park Animal Clinic, and especially all the amazing Vulcan Video customers, Captain Ron was able to have her eye surgery.

Her stiches will be taken out in a week and she’ll be good as new. She’s most likely never used her right eye anyway, so she won’t miss it. She’s very lively and affectionate and certainly knows she’s loved.

I’ve grown quite attached to this little kitten. She follows me around, we sleep together, and she likes to hold my hand. I just wish my grumpy cat would let me adopt her, but that is not an option. Hopefully I’ll find someone great to take her in. I’m going to be really picky.

7 responses to “Thanks Everyone–Captain Ron is Better!

  1. Yo put a vulcan link along with the rest on the post, ayh, good on ya, cat rescuer, hero to the four leggers!

  2. oops. I meant to. ok. it’s done.

  3. He has come such a long way and is turning into quite the looker! i love captin ron! i hope his new mommy or daddy will keep his cute name….

  4. sometimes when things have one eye it makes me happy. is that wrong?!

  5. Great blog, you really are quite a talened writer. I really enjoyed reading this keep up the great work.

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  7. Ai, so good to hear the good news!!

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