Help Me Help Some Stray Kittens

Sorry for veering off from my typical food photo posts, but this is a special situation.

I recently found some stray kittens who are in serious need of medical care. So far I have only been able to catch one (well, I actually caught two, but one got away and is now living under the porch). I set up a live trap in hopes of catching the others, as well as their mother…so hopefully I’ll be able to reunite the whole family soon.

The kitten that is currently at Miguel’s house (pictured in the top two pictures below) is extremely sweet, loving, and playful. Her name is “Captain Ron,” after the Kurt Russel movie where he wears an eyepatch. She prances around Miguel’s porch, eats a lot, diligently uses the litterbox, cuddles in my lap, and purrs. Thursday she will have a surgery to remove her bad eye, which has become so badly infected it no longer works. The sugery is expected to be between $300 – $500. If I get the other kittens, they might be in a similar situation.

If you live in Austin, please help me out by stopping by Vulcan Video (on 29th and Guadalupe) and dropping a few dollars in the cat rescue box at the front counter. If you’d like to adopt this wonderful kitty one she is healthier, please let me know. Thank you and I’ll keep you updated.

6 responses to “Help Me Help Some Stray Kittens

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  2. Shame, what ever happened with this story?

  3. Oops, nevermind i see now the link!

  4. I know this is a really old post but what ever happened to these poor little cute kittens?

  5. Opps I see the update link now!

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