Garden Update

My garden has turned into quite a monster–especially now that we’ve been having so much rain.

When I got home from vacation, I counted 22 ripe jalapenos on this one plant!

The oregano is spreading all over the ground.

The tomato plants are going crazy and crowding out all the other plants. I’ve had to attach them to lots of different stakes and poles. I also had to relocate 2 of the basil plants so they can get some more sun.

And there are enough tomatoes for me can make salsa, tomato sauce, eat, and give away. There are several different kinds, although I don’t know what each type is called.

My favorites are the tiny orange ones. They seem to be the sweetest and the most abundant. The yellow, pear-shaped ones are also pretty sweet.

A Thai woman I know gave me some seeds from the Thai long green beans she grows in her garden. She told me that they would grow to be a foot long. I thought she must be exaggerating, but she wasn’t kidding! wow. I took these photos about a week ago, so they’re even longer now. They’re way over a foot long and some are draping on the floor. They aren’t quite ripe yet either, so they’ll probably only get longer!

You can see how long they are in comparison to my face.

And I found a good edible necklace alternative. Instead of candy necklaces, now I can have green bean necklaces! yay!

Wow. I can’t believe it. My green beans started like this:

and now they look like this:

Unfortunately, most of the tricolor bush beans that I loved so much got eaten by snails and pill bugs. I was gone for a week, so I wasn’t able to catch this in time. But I harvested them a couple times already, so maybe they were on their way out anyway.

I think this little guy was munching on them too.

My black eyed peas are finally ripe enough to eat. I had no idea they grew in pods like this until I started growing them in my garden. It makes me realize how little I know about vegetables and how they are grown. Everyone should start a garden. There’s a lot to learn.

Here are some new additions to my garden family:

cilantro. I figured I use this herb the most, so it’s stupid not to be growing it myself.


Pineapple mint. I bought this plant in Florida. It smells delicious. Once it gets a little bigger, I’m going to use it for mojitos and fruit salads. I planted it near my other mint plant and I think it is much happier now that it’s in a bigger pot (and not stuffed in my bag on the airplane anymore).

I also did some decorating and I made a little walkway leading to the garden.

These guys hang out in the garden.

And my grandma gave me this fairy lady. She watches over the herbs and helps them grow.

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