Being Vegan in Miami

Florida was tons of fun. Our schedule pretty much went like this: wake up early, jump in the water, make coffee and breakfast, jump in the water, drink beers and make lunch, take a nap in the sun, make a sand castle, walk around downtown, or jump in the water, drink beers and make dinner, watch a movie, go for a midnight swim, go to sleep, repeat x5.

Before leaving Austin, I did some research and I consulted with a friendly vegan miami resident about good food places we should visit. Sadly, we didn’t make it to any of them. But if you ever end up near Miami and wonder where you should eat, here are some links:

Anyway, we were lucky to have a decently stocked kitchen and lots of Latin American grocery stores near our condo. The only thing we brought with us was a jar of nutritional yeast (I can’t live without that stuff.) So…we just bought the basic necessities and cooked the whole time. Here are some things we made:

Breakfast toast with spicy black bean spread, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and nutritional yeast.

Corn flour arepas with a cheesy tomatoey veggie sauce, vegetables, green onions, and cucumber slices.

Tofu stirfry with broccoli, bell peppers, green beans, onions, bean sprouts, and brown rice.

Pasta with Tofurkey sausage, grilled peppers and onions, artichoke hearts, olives, mushrooms, cilantro, and cucumber slices.

Tofurkey sausage with grilled veggies.

Tacos with pinto beans, crispy potatoes, homemade salsa, and cilantro tofu.

Plantains fried in a spinach crepe batter and served with black bean dip.

Veggie chalupas served on corn flour arepas.

Sometimes we made a full vegan buffet for the family and some of the more picky eaters had to try something new. They liked it!

But when we didn’t want cooking to cut into our beach time, we just made creations like this:

Tofurkey dog.

Smart dog with fritos.

Tofurkey dog.

Sandwich, pickle, and chips.

Even the squirrels and birds our food.

In addition to Tofurkey dogs and cilantro flavored tofu, here are some other goodies we found at the grocery store:

When we left the beach area and headed downtown, here are some things we found:

$5 avocado!

$10 strawberries!…only

Icebery lettuce salad!

The pictures on the bottom left (you can’t really see them) are a pig with drops of blood, a chicken with its head cut off, and a goat with x’s over its eyes. wow.

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