Second Catering Gig

This week, we had our second catering gig. My stepmom works for Hopice Austin and she is typically in charge of providing the food for the hospital meetings she coordinates. The staff at these events typically requests healthy food (and sometimes even specifically vegetarian food). They’re used to having sandwiches from Jason’s Deli or someplace similar, but many said they were getting bored of the same old thing all the time. We’ve only catered twice, but both times we have received positive feedback. The first catering event was a little more elaborate. We made curried sweet potato soup, spring rolls (with peanut sauce and sweet chili sauce), and a large salad with lots of veggies and cucumber dressing. Everybody loved it, but we got a little carried away by spending too much money and time on the meal. This catering event was supposed to be pretty simple. We made lunch wraps for 30 people. We made two different kinds and cut them in half so each person could try one of each. And we provided 2 different salsas (one hot, one mild), and a jalapeno, agave nectar sauce. The organizer of the event sent out an email mentioning the “great sandwich wraps” and another person emailed my stepmom asking for our brochures and cards.

We’re still in the process of figuring out our logo and catering menu. Here is the makeshift menu we’re using while we work out all the details. The final product will be much more interesting, but this is a start.

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