My Cat Loves Soybeans

My cat, Pandora, absolutely loves soybeans. I don’t know if this is good or bad. All I know is that when I’m boiling them, she howls and tries to jump up on the counter. Sometimes I’ll give them to her as a treat and it’s torturous for her to have to wait for them to cool off. The only thing she likes better than soybeans is nutritional yeast. If I accidentally leave a plastic bag of nutritional yeast on the counter, she’ll rip a hole through it and stick her face in it. If I sprinkle it on my food, she smells it and crawls up my leg trying to get to it.  If I ever need to bribe her to get her into the house, I just open the bag of nutrional yeast and she comes running inside. I’ve noticed that other cats love nutritional yeast, and also cantelope, but I haven’t seen the same reaction to soybeans.

7 responses to “My Cat Loves Soybeans

  1. Hi I just found your site. I am enjoying reading it. My cat loves avocado. VEggie kitties!!

  2. Dora is crazy. End of story.

  3. I dont know if youll see this reply since this post is so old but I found this article when I googled cats and soybeans because my cat LOVES soybeans too! But his favorite thing to do is play with them, and I swear it has the same effect on him that cat nip does! He goes crazy when I cook them too! I think if more people ate edamame more people would discover how much cats like them!

  4. Hi Lauren.

    Thanks for commenting to let me know that you’re cat loves soybeans too. That’s funny. Yeah – my cat literally runs around and howls when I’m cooking them because she can smell them boiling. And she stands around by her bowl waiting while I put them in the fridge to cool.

    I love edamame too, but I feel like lately I mainly by it for my cat.


  5. Andrea Levengood

    So funny, I eat edamame right out of the package and my cat loves to share..I was afraid that it was bad for him, but haven’t read anything.. I bought two packages from Trader Joes this week, so there will be enough for the both of funny

  6. I just looked up cats and soy beans because my cat was just stealing them out of my bowl!!! She loves broccoli, peas, tomatoes, beets, pumpkin, and graham crackers too!

  7. I googled about this phenomenon and found your site. My cat is 13 and has been obsessed with edamame her entire life. It’s the the one and only treat that makes her act like a crazy beast, actually trying to paw them out of my mouth if I don’t share immediately. It’s good to know she’s not alone. I’ll let her know it’s ok and she should be proud of her palate. 🙂

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