Fun at the Hong Kong Supermarket

I was feeling lazy today and not in the mood for cooking, so I just boiled some vegetable dumplings I bought at the Hong Kong Supermarket. The ingredients on the package are listed as follows: wheat flour, cabbage, water, spring rain, salad oil, soybean protein, jew’s ear, carrot, celery, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt. “Salad oil” sounds a little vague to me, I had no idea what “jew’s ear” is until I looked it up, and who knows where “spring rain” comes from. When I tried to look that up, all I could find in the search results was stuff about spas, songs, poems, and perfume.

Anyway, after boiling the dumplings, they ended up looking a little bland and droopy by themselves. So I pan fried them with some onions, beans, mariachi peppers, olive oil, and braggs. Then they seemed a bit too spicy and salty. So I squirted some agave nectar on top. That did the trick. I love finding that balance between mushy, crunchy, spicy, salty, and sweet.

I would like to talk more about the Hong Kong Supermarket. If you can stand the strong smell of fish and the sight of things like pickled octopus and boiled duck eggs, it’s worth a trip.

They have interesting fake meat options and good veggies, such as Chinese broccoli, which has recently become my new favorite vegetable (it’s kinda like a mix between broccoli and kale.)

It’s also exciting to gawk at the huge assortment of strange snacks. Just don’t get too carried away. (This means not eating the garlic flavored cornnut-looking things because they look tasty. They’re not, and you might as well just eat garlic powder instead. This also means not drinking the starfruit juice just because it sounds nice. It isn’t, and you might as well be drinking sweetened salt water instead.) You can, however, eat the mini sesame peanut bars. They are good.

If you can refrain from buying a bunch of snacks and weird juices you’ve never heard of before, you might manage to escape the store’s temptations and make it home with some money to spare.

But…come on….with such amazing packaging, who can resist these things?

Oh–and don’t forget to buy the purple mesh tennis shoe. They are a must!

3 responses to “Fun at the Hong Kong Supermarket

  1. Those tennis shoes are amazing, I have to have some! I like the product that tells me where I can eat my food (stuff;P), with out that kind of instruction I would surely be lost!

  2. Which HK Supermarket were you at, because strangely, my sister JUST happened to photograph the Frozen Rape Leaves package too. She thought it was a Chinglish typo, but in fact, it’s a major crop in Europe for the oil 🙂 Cool website Cristen – looks like a great idea!

  3. That’s funny that your sister also took that picture. The store I went to is called the Hong Kong Supermarket on Research Blvd. I looked up rapeseed when I got home and I was so surprised to learn it is used to make canola oil. I thought it might be a typo too.

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