Popcorn Balls

Miguel and I made way too much popcorn the other night. I didn’t know what to do with it all…until I thought of popcorn balls. Popcorn balls are never something I crave. They remind me of the Halloween carnivals at my elementary school. You eat them compusively because they’re there…but, like cotton candy or candied apples, they’re nothing to get too excited about. Still, making them was fun because I got to get my hands messy. And…you can’t go wrong with sugar, maple syrup, chocolate, nuts, berries, seeds, and popcorn.

My roomate seems to like them a lot.

7 responses to “Popcorn Balls

  1. please, can i’ve the recipe!? ^_^!

  2. Hmm…not sure that I remember how I made them. I’m pretty sure I just combined the ingredients above into a goey mess and made balls. Sorry I can’t be more specific, but that’s usually how my creations turn out.

  3. mmh, ok! don’t worry, can i know just the ingredients?

  4. They are listed in the blog post above – sugar, maple syrup, chocolate, nuts, berries, seeds (sesame and pumpkin seeds?), and popcorn. I really think that’s all…aside from a little bit of salt…

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  6. oh shit … you have made me hunger … these taste dishes are catching my eyess tooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. Please, can i’ve the recipe!? ^_^!

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