Growing Garlic

We planted some garlic cloves about a month ago. Now we have cute little green shoots poking out above the soil. I’m so excited!

Garlic is supposedly very easy to grow. I’ll update this post as our garlic growing process progresses.

Garlic is thought to lower cholesterol and protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease. It is also believed to help fight off cold and flu symptoms. And…it repels mosquitoes and wards off vampires.

Apparently, allumphobia, the fear of garlic is fairly common. I can’t imagine having a fear of garlic. It’s probably one of the best things ever.  Garlic is definitely a staple in my kitchen.

Here are some tips for growing garlic: Growing Great Garlic

The Garlic Store: How to Grow Garlic

One response to “Growing Garlic

  1. we just did the same. good luck with other things you grow.

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