We were in Mexico last week–the land of pretty colors and 40 cent tacos. Yum.

I had a pretty easy time finding good food to eat. One of my favorite things was pipian sauce, which is made of ground pumpkin seeds, nuts, spices, chiles, and toasted grains.

Here are some other things I ate:

A soybean dressed up like a bat. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Bean and potato tacos with jalapeno salsa, cabbage, and lime.

Fresh coconut with chili and lime.

A drink called “levanta muertos” (raises the dead). It is made fresh with carrots, spinach, celery, oranges, and beets.

And when there’s nothing else to eat, you can always bite into a pound of corn tortillas.

Once I got carried away with all the side dishes. After eating so much food, I felt like this.

After talking about the things I did eat….now here are some things I didn’t eat:

goat heads

goat bodies

cute pigs



cake shaped like a hamburger

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