Angie’s Mexican Restaurant

If you haven’t been to Angie’s you should check it out. Their beans are vegetarian and their corn tortillas are homemade. Tacos aren’t as cheap as their East Austin neighbors, but it’s worth it if you don’t mind paying a couple dollars more. Two bean and potato tacos with cilantro and onions cost me $4.55. You can also bring your dog and sit on the front porch.

Angie’s is moving somewhere down the street in June.



I was disappointed last time I was there. The waitress wasn’t very nice and the tacos were shockingly tiny. I’m glad I noticed that I didn’t get any salsa before I drove away. Who wants to eat breakfast tacos without salsa? Maybe I came on a bad day. Here is a picture of my taco. Compare this picture to the one above and you’ll notice the difference.

Angie’s hasn’t moved yet. I’m not sure if they’re still planning to.

2 responses to “Angie’s Mexican Restaurant

  1. I think I have died and gone to Cilantro Heaven.

  2. holy crap. hung over, doing a search for vegan breakfast tacos, and I’m on my way down right now

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