Welcome to our site about vegan food and Austin, Texas!

This site began in 2007, but has been horribly neglected the past few years. Please bear with us while we do a much needed update. 🙂

Thanks for visiting!


13 responses to “Welcome

  1. I would like to start a vegan group in Miami.
    Please contact me at 305-804-2204.

  2. Be sure to check out this new online resource for vegetarian and vegan dining options in Austin:

  3. How did Captain Ron make out? Did you find a family for him?

  4. Captain Ron is happy and healthy and found herself a great home. Thanks for asking!

  5. Thanks for having your webpage! I recently found a new hobby of dumpster diving behind the large greenhouses in my city, and have aquired alot of new items which I am unsure of. I thought I might have found a six-pack (actually 3 shriveled survivors)of Japanese Eggplant, but I’d never grown them before, so I googled for a picture and found all the great close-up pictures from your garden. Thanks for sharing. I do, in fact, have Japanese Eggplant!

  6. You are amazing fo doing what you are. I hope there are more people out there who have hearts as big as yours.

  7. i was so touched by captain ron’s story. I’m glad there are people like you looking out for animals. thank you!

  8. Bill Schneider

    An old vegetarian song for your list:
    Save the Bones for Henry Jones, best known version performed by Johnny Mercer & Nat King Cole in 1947 on a 78 disc – I noticed in one of my fake books – had forgotten about it over the years (I was 5 years old when the song came out) so I did a search for other vegetarian songs and found your website. I’m a vegetarian but not full vegan – I’m an EPA biopesticide office microbiologist and we have several other vegetarian scientists in that office.

  9. Dear Cristen, M. Edward King of Vegansongs.com calling from Wales,UK, where we now live on a lovely old farm in the middle of the beautiful Isle of Anglesey. Yes, I’ll be happy to send you early rehearsal of ‘The Deeds of Man(kind?)’ – it’s on Youtube under that heading. – excuse the missing front tooth, had just been knocked out with my tennis racket!
    If you get this give me a call or Email, if you’re still doing activist veg/an outreach.
    Love and carrots ( Brits are a bit slow at sending kisses till the’ve had a formal invitation, see?)
    M. Edward King
    P.S. Have you seen on Youtube, Gary Yourofsky ‘The best speech you will ever hear’ Certainly the best Vegan speech I’ve ever heard.
    My email is VEGANSONG @GMAIL.COM
    phone 01144 (0) 1248 407 398
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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  11. Apabila ada pelajaran yang kurang dimengerti, maka belajarnya harus lebih giat lagi.

  12. Giovanni Chinellato

    Hi, I tried to call but I couldn’t get through, I have a few questions. I prefer to speak on the phone, rather than e-mail, It’s faster. My number is (0039) 5524680686

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